Learn why 4lotrack chose to partner with DCT


About 4lotrack

4lotrack, a national-level service provider located in Venezuela, operates as integrators and sub-distributors of DCT in the telematics industry.

The Challenge

Before partnering with DCT, 4lotrack encountered several challenges in their business operations. They struggled with outdated technology and lacked access to innovative solutions, hindering their ability to stay competitive in the market.

Their previous telematics solution provider was limited in terms of range, connectivity, and robustness. Communication problems with GPS equipment proved to be a major obstacle in their operations.

The Solution

4lotrack chose DCT over the competition because we offered them a timely opportunity to elevate their business to the next level. By partnering with us, they gained access to cutting-edge technology, a wide range of products and services not common in the country, as well as exclusive solutions. 4lotrack recognized the advantage of being ahead of their competitors and the potential to attract more clients.

After partnering with us, 4lotrack implemented our longer-range cloud connectivity solution, which improved their value proposition. They also leveraged the robust technology of our Syrus devices, experiencing fewer communication problems with their GPS equipment. Our solutions allowed them to handle more complex projects efficiently, providing greater peace of mind to their clients.

The Results

The benefits that 4lotrack has gained from our solutions are significant. They were able to catch up with technology before their competitors, enhancing their market position. As a result, they experienced improved operational efficiency and a boost in customer satisfaction. With our state-of-the-art technology, 4lotrack has been able to meet the growing demands of their customers who have become more knowledgeable about telematics products and services.

To other companies facing similar challenges, we recommend prioritizing state-of-the-art technology, partnering with a reliable provider like DCT, and seeking assistance and guidance. Being able to count on a reliable tech support team plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful implementation and ongoing support.”
Jose Antonio Gonzalez
4lotrack CEO & Founder

Gained Competitive Edge

Improved Operation Efficiency

Boost in Customer Satisfaction