ECU Monitor for onboard vehicle computers with CAN protocols.

Don’t wait until your drivers tell you about that check engine light.

Get instant valuable information from vehicles with engine error codes.

Detection for both J1939/J1708 & OBDII protocols

Description of error code

First & last occurrence of the error

Number of occurrences



Read diagnostic Engine Error Codes automatically

Click on any vehicle that has an Engine Error Code detected and get valuable information.

  • Multiple detection of CAN/OBDII protocols 
  • Meaning and type of code detected 
  • First and last occurrence of the error 
  • Number of occurrences

Take actions immediately using the Automation Module

Configure an alert to fire and notify the fleet owner when any error code occurred.

  • Automated email, call or text message 
  • Send the data to any third party API for advanced integrations

Find powerful insights into where your fuel is wasted

See a clearer picture of what your fuel data is trying to tell you by comparing it to other non engine related parameters like the GPS altitude.

Analyze more than 50+ engine parameters
with over 150+ device, GPS, and
accessories related parameters.

Precise metrics for comparative analysis

Find the amount of fuel lost due to excessive idling and the effects of speeding on fuel efficiency with precise down to the second data. Trips indicate the name of the driver, fuel efficiency, time spent speeding/idling and amount of fuel lost.

Use heatmaps and analyze the tendencies of your drivers

Find where your drivers report critical events that leads to fuel wasted.

  • Make filters of the locations where the speed is low and exclude unrelated events 
  • See where aggressive driving, hard accel / braking and other acceleration related events occur 
  • Breakdown the occurrences of these events per hour of the day or day of the week

See the difference temperature makes

Find if it’s more economic to run the engine cold or wait till the engine warms up before starting your drive. Find the precise temperature for coolant, oil, and transmission fluid to start operating the vehicle

Schedule reports and automate vehicle engine summary

Gain valuable insights from reports that help you breakdown engine diagnostics data and obtain the information your fleet needs.

Compare and analyze tendencies with automated reports of engine data like fuel and exact distances.

We make it simple to build and deploy Fleet Telematics
and Industrial IoT Solutions from device to cloud.