Real-time tire temperature & pressure data in the palm of your hand.

Tire temperature and pressure monitoring made easy.

Being able to obtain data in real-time from your tires will put you one step ahead of any issues that you may encounter down the road. Under-inflated tires can damage the rims and decrease fuel efficiency. Over-inflated tires can cause blow-ups and cause accidents.

TPMS Device Diagram

TPMS Device Diagram

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Under-inflated tires have a greater resistance to rolling thus, negatively impacting fuel efficiency. Monitor your tires’ pressure using Pegasus’ real-time data updates to improve your fuel costs.

Reduce Risk

Operating a vehicle with under-inflated tires may result in premature tire failure and potentially cause loss of vehicle control. Reduce this risk by generating real-time underinflation alerts.

Improve Tire Lifespan

A tire that is under-inflated by just 20% can reduce tire lifespan by 30%. Adequately manage tires using precise and timely information; only obtained from DCT’s reliable TPMS system.


Having access to the real-time status of your tire pressure and temperature, allows you to take immediate action in resolving issues. Stay safe and protect your tires with up-to-the-minute information.


Automatically get all reports to your inbox and easily analyze data.

Fleet operators can schedule all vehicle’s TPMS event reports and receive data directly into their inbox in several formats .XLS, .PDF, .HTML and .CSV for further analysis.


Use Pegasus Gateway Triggers to configure any alert from your fleet combining TPMS data together with over 250 parameters like engine data, geofencing, speeding, route information, and driver ID.


Pegasus Gateway Platform records all data for the last 12 months of your fleet operation for easy trip analysis. Get custom charts on exact tire temperature & pressure vs variables including vehicle altitude, speed, ambient air temperature, fuel consumed, and/or any other parameter shown via the vehicle’s engine control unit.


Seamlessly automate fleet operations by integrating vehicle data with any third party service provider and/or data visualization tool using RESTful API data. JSON fields for all tire pressure, temperature, and provisioning. Websocket integration for instant tire data monitoring.