DCT Receives Product Certification From Verizon Wireless

DCT Receives Product Certification for Syrus 4G Telematics Gateway from Verizon Wireless’ Open Development Program

Digital Communications Technologies (DCT) is proud to announce that Syrus 4G Telematics Gateway, our cutting-edge IoT gatway device has achieved product certification through Verizon Wireless’ Open Development Initiative, marking a significant milestone in our mission to drive innovation and provide flexible wireless solutions.

Undergoing the rigorous Open Development certification process, Syrus 4G Telematics Gateway has proven its dependability and expertise, ensuring our customers receive the utmost quality in wireless solutions.

At DCT, we know how important it is to offer a diverse range of products and services that surpass existing offerings. Businesses can now utilize a device that operates efficiently and securely on Verizon’s reliable wireless data network, satisfying their specific needs.

We extend our thanks to the Verizon Open Development team for their unrelenting support and collaboration through our certification process. DCT remains committed to delivering prompt, innovative, and reliable solutions that continue to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

For more information about our certified solutions and Verizon’s Open Development Program, please click here.

“As a leader throughout this process, it has been a deeply gratifying experience to reach this significant milestone. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the remarkable teams at Verizon and DCT for their unwavering dedication. Today, we proudly offer our customers the freedom to select their preferred network when using our products.”
Carlos Jaramillo
DCT Commercial Director