The Easy Driver Score solution uses sensor data from the Syrus devices connected to your vehicles to score your driver’s performance. It analyzes dozens of metrics like average trip speeds, harsh braking, and gas efficiency and visually displays them at your convenience in a user-friendly dashboard. You can use this information to evaluate the top performance, while also training and educating drivers.

Driver & Fleet Safety Performance

Evaluate all events like overspeed and aggressive driving that will put your driver or fleet at risk. 

Engine Health Status

Check specific engine abuse-related events like over RPMs, Brake pedal, Clutch usage, and accelerator. Compare behavior between current and past periods to analyze improvements.

Driver & Fleet Scoring Charts and Graphs

Easily get the complete picture of your top drivers and detect the most common errors that affect your fleet performance.

Automated recommendations that help you train your drivers

Idle for more than 30 minutes


Once the assigned trip is finalized, the unit must be turned off upon arrival to the factory.

Excess Revolutions in an Idle Vehicle (1400 RPM + 0 mph)


It is not necessary to ‘revolucionar’ the motor while the vehicle is not in motion.

Clutch pressed more than 20 seconds in motion


Driver should not rest their foot on the clutch while the vehicle is in motion.

ABS is activated at more than 18 mph


Correct use of controlled speed within the stipulated ranges. Brake gently. Take into account the distance to the vehicle in front.

Overconsumption (30%+ Fuel Consumption in 30 sec)


Avoid fully stepping on the gas pedal; slowly accelerate according to the vehicle’s weight.

Brake Assist activated with RPMs less than 1300


Correct use of the vehicle’s brake.

Clutch pressed more than 30 seconds while idling


Driver should not rest their foot on the clutch.

Aggressive Curves


Maintain a controlled speed between 2-4 RPMs depending on the load of the product

Monitor Driving Behavior