Virtual Co-Pilot

Category: Security

Author: Digital Communications Technologies LLC

Price: $9/month

Languages: English, Spanish

Virtual Co-Pilot

Coaching your drivers with real-time audible feedback will improve road safety and fleet performance. Drivers can now listen to any pre-programmable condition from fleet managers like entering restricted speed zones, speed limit violations or any pre-configure voice message based on any Syrus 4G generated event.

Improve drivers performance:
Syrus 4G Virtual Copilot real-time audible feedback pushes drivers to continuously improve their skills and help them to meet compliance requirements in special construction zones or mining areas following specific project guidelines on authorized/forbidden zones and speed thresholds.

Syrus IoT Gateway
Bluetooth Handset/Speaker
  • Pair any compatible bluetooth speaker to Syrus 4G .
  • Easy to configure and manage up to 3000 polygonal geo-zones with multiple vertices. 
  • Supports real-time spoken alerts in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. 
  • Works offline in zones with no connectivity. 
  • Simple to pre-define any audible spoken alert. 
  • Download from Syrus Cloud and install into Syrus 4G.