ITEM # SPA4G-1204-16

Active for up to three weeks without solar light

The solar powered asset tracker features a 10A battery capable of being charged via direct
sunlight for long lasting deployments. It also comes with several key alerts such as tamper,
vibration, and low battery. Its rugged casing and IP67 rating protect it from any dust and up
to 1m immersion in water, making it ideal for outdoor use. The device can be active for up to three weeks without solar light and its battery charged at 100%.


Tamper Evident: Includes vibration

Rechargeable battery for long
periods of self-powered operation

Solar Powered: Integrated solar
panel recharges the unit

Global 4G Connectivity: Wireless
connectivity without boundaries

Waterproof: Ruggedized IP67
polycarbonate sealed enclosure

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