Syrus 2G

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  • Fully programmable event engine configuration: This easy to configure event engine continuously monitors threshold’s status related to time, distance, heading changes, speed, motion, shock, acceleration, landmarks, timers, inputs, GPRS / GPS conditions and generates reports and events that trigger different actions.  All these events can be automatically configured and saved in a store and forward log.
  • Internal GPS / GSM antennas:  Built-in with high sensitivity embedded antennas for quick installation purposes. With connector for optional external GPS antenna for enhanced fixed precision under extreme installation scenarios.
  • Fully integrated 3-axis accelerometer: Motion and shock detection, driver metrics performance, tow alert and power management applications configurable events.
  • Multiple Input/Output options: Offering 3 inputs, 1 dedicated ignition input, 2 dedicated output, a 1-Wire® port, 1 ADC (analog to digital converter), ideal to control, manage and monitor fuel level sensor, doors, panic button, vehicle immobilizer, siren, lights and driver identification with Dallas Ibutton®  keys or any other compatible telematics applications.
  • Internal backup battery: A long lasting battery that allows autonomous operations for up to 10 hours of full tracking and extended functionality depending on motion and power management setup (low current consumption). Reverser polarity protection and configurable thermal shutdown for enhanced battery life.
  • Automatic power saving mode:  Based on the status of the ignition input, the motion sensor and/or any configurable timer can be setup to save external power consumption.
  • External integration capability: Easy to integrate with the Garmin® FMI protocol, satellite modems, bar code scanners, mobile data terminals, fuel management sensors or any other external data device connected through the RS232 / DB9 serial port.
  • Multiple communications and network protocols: Select from TCP/IP, UDP, SMS, SMPP and reporting up to five different servers either IP and/or DNS with auto-switching from GPRS to SMS and defining primary and alternative communication channels. Available ASCII or binary communication protocol for efficient communication cost reduction management.
  • Remote administration and firmware update: Fully configurable OTA (Over the  Air) via GPRS or SMS to modify configuration and firmware upgrading.
  • Store and forward log: up to 7200 tracking events are stored upon communications failure. Extended protocol events, reduce this figure.
  • Voice support: 2 way full programmable audio capabilities.
  • World class technical support: A professional team of certified field application engineers supporting the most demanding special reporting configurations will help our customers to design the ideal script.


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