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Syrus GPS intelligent tracking devices are fully integrated with Garmin Navigation Devices using the FMI – Fleet Management Interface Protocol. This integrated solution enables fleet tracking, messaging, dispatch and navigation directly on Garmin portable navigations devices. This solution will improve customer response, optimize fleet resources and increase fleet productivity. The communication between the Garmin and the Syrus GPS include the following features:

  • Text Message Protocol: allows text message sent to device to be displayed in “inbox” of Garmin device.
  • Stop Destination Protocol: control center can send a list of stops /jobs to the Garmin device and driver has the ability to navigate directly to stop from list.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: dispatcher  / control center can request a ETA of the current stop / job in progress.
  • Auto-Arrival at Stop: This feature is used to tell the Garmin PND to automatically detect that it has arrived at a Stop and then to prompt the driver if they would like to mark the Stop as done and begin navigating to next Stop on the list.
  • Canned Messages: drivers can store up to 120 canned messages elimination the need of typing while driving.
  • Driver ID: Know the who, what, when, where of every vehicle of the fleet.

Using the Pegasus Gateway through web services applications will simplify the integration between Garmin PNDs and your own fleet tracking management solution. Syrus GPS device provides plug-n-play connectivity to the control center via wireless mobile data network and the Garmin PND will be used as a mobile data terminal inside the vehicle providing direct driver communication via text messaging as well as instant re-routing with new destinations message alerts. The connection between the Syrus and the Garmin is done via an Interface Tool Kit cable. Please contact DCT Support Team to get more information.

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