Are you a developer?

Have a great idea?

Extend your expertise in the M2M Tracking Service, Fleet Management or Connected Car industries without having to learn the intrinsic complexity of machine language.
You can become an elite developer for ‘The First M2M vehicle tracking applications Market: SyrusMART

DCT currently runs 135 gateways with +150k potentially connected devices and people looking for different specialized solutions and applications worldwide.

DCT’s ecosystem integration generates staggering amounts of data which is already parsed and ready to be used in the development of specialized applications.

If you have experience or great ideas in any track & trace, logistic, security, data mining and analytics field solutions, you can get great benefits in any of  the high demand applications categories:

  • Mobile Data Terminals

  • Fleet Management

  • APC Systems

  • ECU Monitoring

  • 2 way Audio Communication

  • Black Box function Records analysis

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Remote Control

  • Routing & Dispatch

  • Road Assistance

  • Photo Capturing

  • Driver ID

  • Navigation

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Maintenance

  • Driving behavior

  • Analytics & statistics

  • Visualization

  • Security

  • Mobile tracking

Hardware Integrators & Service Providers

Never lose a business opportunity just because your current business model doesn’t have a critical functionality or you don’t have a solution for a special request. Take advantage on your SYRUS PEGASUS GATEWAY integration and choose from different specialized solutions created by expert developers in our SYRUSMart.

Most Apps will let you test their functionalities before you sign up and you can choose from a list of expert developers for on demand projects.
Whether it’s a mobile or full web based application, you can quickly and easily find the right application to meet your needs.

With SyrusMART your SYRUS PEGASUS GATEWAY becomes the ‘have it all’ platform you’ve always dreamed about.