Speed Analysis

Author: Digital Communications Technologies LLC.

Contact: sales@digitalcomtech.com


Description: Using Syrus intelligent trip calculation algorithm that delivers accurate data counters based on the Ignition switch & vehicle movement and/or ECU Monitor accessory connected to the Onboard vehicle computer;  this application provides one screen dashboard of all vehicles in a specific group and enable fleet managers compare speed reports from different vehicles. It also provides complete detail day-by-day speed violations report per vehicle for further analysis. Easy to download for complete fleet and/or specific vehicle.


Use this report to see which vehicles in your fleet are generating the most speed alerts

With this report you’ll be able to:

  • See which vehicles have the most speeding alerts
  • Organize the results of speeding into 4 colors
  • See in detail where each of the speeding events occurred
  • Filter events by speed
  • See the percent of time the vehicle spent speeding with respect to the time it spent traveling
  • Export the report into a PDF

This report requires the following:


The following APIs were used in this report:

/api/rawdata – to build the graph and the details


&fields=$basic,green:(@mph>45)__int * (@mph<=55 )__int,orange:(@mph<55)__int * (@mph<=65)__int,lightRed:(@mph<65)__int * (@mph<=75)__int,darkRed:(@mph<75)__int &resample=event_time &freq=7D &how=green:sum,orange:sum,lightRed:sum,darkRed:sum &group_by=vid &async=1 https://[yourgateway.com]/api/rawdata?vehicles=### &from=2016-3-28T00:00:00 &to=2016-3-30T23:59:59 &fields=$basic &filter=speed>45 and valid_position


Released: March 20, 2016

Latest Update: March 29, 2016

Current Version: 1.0

Category: Driving Analytics, Logistics

Requirements: Pegasus gateway, Syrus device

Language: English, Spanish