Pegasus IoT Cloud is a complete software platform designed for fleet automation and mobile asset management. It was created to help simplify wireless networks and hardware communication with Syrus devices as well as to provide interoperability with multiple wired, wireless sensors, and smart ecosystems.

Pegasus has expanded to support multiple IoT devices, providing a centralized back-end management platform with an open ecosystem for developers to build using APIs, multiple web services, web-hooks, and more.

  • Modern & responsive user experience
  • Fully customizable & white labeled
  • Accepts third party devices
  • Data rich with more than 500+ fields
  • Multi-language support 
  • APIs for custom integrations

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


View route completion information for your entire fleet using a visual representation similar to gantt charts. Quickly analyze arrival and departure information, control points statuses (lost, not visited, visited), as well as any extended or short visitation times.

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


Real time monitoring of all your important assets, as well as other useful information such as: route state, fuel levels, unattended alerts, engine error codes, and more!

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


Pegasus Gateway provides different custom reports, including graphical overviews and panels within the reports for easy comparison and examination of results across your whole fleet.

These reports and visualization tools provide useful information related to vehicle performance. Including reports for vehicle engine working hours, speeding and idling time, as well as engine parameters such as onboard odometer, fuel consumption, fuel efficiency, fuel levels, RPMs and more.

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


Pegasus Gateway provides an environment to manage and develop solutions with multiple accessories and sensors simultaneously connected to the Syrus device. Providing you with an incredible capacity to unleash the device’s capabilities for actionable intelligence and remotely monitor and control mobile assets.

Choose from any of the 15+ official accessories and select a configuration to manage them all.

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


• Interact in realtime with the unit
• Send instructions or update the programming
• Upgrade firmwares remotely
• View diagnostics information for the device and its accessories
• Detailed GPS & Network information
• Engine parameters lists

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


Pegasus Gateway offers a deep insight into the trips that the device generates automatically. Obtain historical information for common parameters such as distance traveled, time spent with the ignition on, while idling, speeding, or over the RPM limit, down to the second.

Take a closer look at the parameters reported by your fleet that affect the fuel efficiency, for example, the vehicle’s altitude, fuel consumption and vehicle’s weight.

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


• Create and organize geographical zones on a map
• Personalize with custom icons and colors
• Assign a speed limit to a geofence
• Create custom properties for any geofence
• Run reports and triggers based on a collection of geofences

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


• Sort through and filter critical alerts and conditions from your fleet
• View the results on a gradient scale or in heatmaps
• Over 500 parameters to analyze
• Identify areas of high risk for driving behaviors

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


The ability to combine any condition for events reported by any device and perform actions over them. Easily apply boolean logical operators to more than 500 parameters reported by the device.

The actions performed by the triggers allow you to expand the integration of the Syrus device to any external accessory or device that supports APIs.

☁ Pegasus Cloud Feature


Your name, your brand, your identity… powered by DCT. Pegasus Gateway allows you to configure your company’s logo, color scheme, and email quickly and easily with no coding skills, customizing your Gateway for end-user access.

We make it simple to build and deploy Fleet Telematics
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