Trips Analysis Breakdown

Author: Digital Communications Technologies LLC.



Description:  Using Syrus intelligent trip calculation algorithm that delivers accurate data counters based on the Ignition switch & vehicle movement, this application provides detail information to manage vehicle trips and stops including distance, average speed, duration, idle for a specific period of time. Easy to download report for a complete fleet and/or specific vehicle.

Obtain valuable information from the trips your vehicle generates:

The max speed, average speed, and distance traveled

Ignition on time, idle time, speeding time

See a map history of the trip and share it with a Google maps link – also compare the travel time and distance

Fuel consumed, including fuel while traveling and while idling, as well as your fuel efficiency

Ability to download the report as an Excel format for easy manipulation


Released: May 12, 2016

Latest Update: May 13, 2016

Current Version: 1.3

Category: Reports

Requirements: Vehicle Stats, Logistics

Language: English, Spanish