Syrus Taurus Tracker

Author: Digital Communication Technologies LLC



Description: Syrus Mobile App to track your sales force, visited checkpoint or check-ins and driver-vehicle assignments.

A Mobile App to track your sales force, register Check-ins, arrivals, departure times with easy selector for On-Duty/Off-Duty status setting. This app offers documents/images capturing functionalities, on-field S.O.S alerts, convenient chat interaction between user-dispatcher, useful QR scanning for reference point validation, vehicle assignment and other features.


  • Check-ins registration with arrival and departure times reports
  • Real-time tracking & alerts
  • Easy ON/OFF- Duty selector
  • Easy ON/OFF – Tracking selector
  • Convenient Image capturing functionality designed for proof of delivery uploading with georeference validation as well as incident reports.
  • S.O.S. functionality for remote urgent assistance
  • Convenient live chat feature for operational interaction with dispatcher or monitoring station
  • QR Code scanning feature for automated check-in registration with point-of-interest validation, tour patrol tasks, vehicle assignments or asset identification.


Released: September 22 2016

Latest Update: March 12 2018

Current Version: 1.74

Category: Mobile Apps / Logistics

Requirements: Pegasus Gateway

Language: English