1. Pairing

Follow a simple process to establish a secure connection between SYRUS 3G Bluetooth and tablets, mobile phones, laptops, compatible sensors and a new generation of DCT Bluetooth devices.

SYRUS BT Interface, a powerful remote management application is also available at SYRUSMart, Apple App Store and Google Play, to send /receive data and control SYRUS functionalities.

2. Interact

Once the pairing process is established, SYRUS interaction with connected sensors and accessories is expanded to wireless interoperability. Advanced telematic functionalities such as safe engine immobilization, doors lock/unlock, photo capturing, ‘find my car’ features and others input/output actions, are now managed at a local level. This adds an extra layer of interaction for SYRUS cloud communication and scalability with Pegasus Gateway exclusive advantages.

3. Develop

Bring your Connected-Fleet/Car ideas to life. Develop specialized Apps with SYRUS extended parameters, fix signals, counters and embedded intelligence with Bluetooth protocol communication. Adding telematics to your integration with sensors has never been easier with SYRUS 3G Bluetooth. Apps can be built in minutes using some of our templates and available sample code, plus complete Pegasus Gateway REST APIs architecture.

4. Deploy

Publish your Apps on SYRUSMart, DCT specialized IoT/M2M Marketplace and development community. SYRUS 3G Bluetooth lets you expand your business portfolio with advanced functionalities. DCT has a  wide network of Service Providers and more than 200 Pegasus Gateways with thousands of connected devices. This offers a great opportunity for developers to reach a market with a growing demand for Data Driven Solutions with SYRUS Actionable Intelligence on the Edge.

Build Your Own SYRUS 3G Bluetooth App

Check our sample template and view source code on GitHub

You may also contact one of our specialists at:

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