Speed Limit Report

Author: Embedded Telematics Ltd


Site: http://www.embeddedtelematics.com

Description:  Control your fleet speed and immediately improve safety ratings. Use this application to compare the vehicle’s speed limit vs the posted speed limit on the roads! See how many total violations have occurred and where they happen. Available worldwide using Google Speed Limits API.

This report will show you the speed limit occurrences for your whole fleet, it features:

  • Speed limit violations for a group of vehicles organized from most to least
  • Location of every speed limit
  • Posted speed vs vehicle speed limit difference
  • Filter for searching most critical values
  • Easy exporting of data in Excel format


Released: Aug 22, 2016

Latest Update: Aug 19, 2016

Current Version: 1.0

Category: Logistics

Requirements: Pegasus Gateway, valid Google SpeedLimits API Token

Language: English, Spanish