A complete management suite for the entire DCT Ecosystem which allows you to directly connect and control
Syrus telematics box with 3rd party servers/platforms or your own custom made application through advanced APIs and webservices.


Exclusive Platform designed specifically for the Syrus

What is Pegasus Gateway?

Pegasus Gateway is a cloud-based platform designed for the purpose of simplifying wireless networks and hardware communication protocols with Syrus devices, for easy IoT integrations

It is also a white-label platform which can be managed under your own domain / subdomain, as a white-label Enterprise.

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Real-time Interaction with
Multiple Accessories

Pegasus Gateway provides an environment to manage and develop solutions with mutliple accessories and sensors simultaneously connected to the Syrus device.

Providing you with an incredible capacity to unleash the device capabilities for actionable intelligence and remotely monitor and control mobile assets.

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High-level Diagnostics Portal

Pegasus Gateway integrates and delivers proactive device diagnostics and functional stability of devices in the field. Being able to monitor and control the health of your device is critical for massive global deployments.

Supervising variables like temperature, vibration, GPS statistics, wireless network behavior, backup battery and under voltage is essential to guarantee the correct operational performance and reporting activity of devices as well as generating accurate data.

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Turn-key Business Models with Advanced Configurations Management

Pegasus Gateway offers the best way to manage the flexibility of the Syrus. Its library of available advanced configurations simplify the complexity of handling multiple accessories & sensors as well as multiple functionalities with staggering amounts of data which can be used for distinctive business models. Business models are based on high-end configurations for a real turn-key solution with step-by-step instructions for easy and fast deployment.

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Flexible HaaS Billing Profiles

DCT provides several flexible HaaS (Hardware as a Service) business options. Tracking Service Providers can rely on Pegasus Gateways billing profiles management tools, to deploy business solutions based on subsidized devices, including provisioned global connectivity, plug-n-play deployment with already configured devices as well as leasing options.

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Robust Device Listener

Pegasus Gateway provides the most efficient listener server for Syrus devices. This is based on native communication between SYRUS, accessories and webservices.

There is no other platform or server better equipped to manage our very own device’s intelligent reporting engine, real-time communication, advanced extended tags definition, user signals, thresholds and hardware based actions.

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Global Connectivity Provisioning

Pegasus Gateway provides support tools that facilitate the global deployment of solutions and business models.

Estimated data consumption reports and pre-defined configurations allowing you to control data usage for complete SIM card management and control.

Satellite connectivity data plans can be also integrated as an alternative method of communication when no GSM/GPRS/3G networks are available.

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Firmware Updates

Pegasus Gateway manages automatic or manual over-the-air firmware updates. These updates allow developers to always stay connected with the latest device functionalities and integrations with external accessories and sensors.

Professional tracking service providers can easily upgrade the Syrus device firmware with the click of a button.

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Applications Market and
Development Community

Pegasus Gateway sustains SyrusMart, a specialized IoT/M2M Applications market with a growing development community dedicated to expand the infinite possibilities with Syrus intelligence.

SyrusMart grows your business porfolios and extend the power of Syrus with the click of a button. These applications can be installed directly on Pegasus Gateway and immediately bring benefits.

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APIs / Webservices
Open Source Development Tools

Pegasus Gateway provides a complete set of APIs that simplify the complexity of remote interaction with Syrus as well as connected sensors and accessories. With Pegasus Gateway, data becomes accessible to any user and REST APIs provide real tools in the hand of developers.

Specialized aplications can be developed in minutes and can be easily deployed globally through SyrusMart.

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Analytics and Specialized Reports

Pegasus Gateway provides different custom reports, including dashboard panels for easy examination.

These reports and visualization tools provide insight information related to vehicle performance. Including reports for vehicle engine working hours, over speed and idling time, as well as engine parameters such as onboard odometer, fuel consumption, fuel efficiency, fuel levels, RPMs and more.

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