Live Temperature

Author: Digital Communications Technologies LLC.



Description: Syrus Temperature Accessory can monitor cargo temperature in up to three (3) different places in real time. Thanks to intelligent managed configuration thresholds, events can be trigger depending on above / below certain temperature and combined that information with cargo doors opening / closing. It includes historic temperature reports for any given period of time for data analysis.

See the live temperature for one or many vehicles.  Export the data to an excel sheet for further analysis.


  • Live temperature for a whole fleet of vehicles
  • Graph of the temperature history
  • See up to 3 different temperatures and their average
  • Know the location history of your fleet when they report high temperatures


Released: Jun 21, 2016

Latest Update: Jun 21, 2016

Current Version: 1.0

Category: Logistics / Temperature Monitoring

Requirements: Pegasus gateway, Syrus device

Language: English