Engine Statistics Summary Report

Author: Digital Communications Technologies LLC.

Contact: sales@digitalcomtech.com


Description: Digital Communications Technology LLC.

See vital information regarding the Engine parameters reported by the computer onboard your vehicle.

With this report you’ll be able to:

  • See the odometer values at the start and end of a trip
  • See the initial and last fuel consumed value
  • Distance traveled
  • Fuel consumed
  • Fuel consumed while Idling
  • Daily efficiency in mpg or kpl
  • Average traveling speed
  • Max speed recorded
  • Total time with Ignition ON
  • Total time in Idle
  • Total time over the speed limit


Released: March 20, 2016

Latest Update: March 29, 2016

Current Version: 1.0

Category: Logistics / Vehicle Stats

Requirements: Pegasus gateway, Syrus device, ECU Monitor

Language: English, Spanish