Easy Driver Score

Author: Easy Fleet Track

Contact: contact@easyfleettrack.com

Site: http://easyfleettrack.com

Description: Easy Driver Score helps evaluate and compare your drivers & assigns them a score based on their behavior.

Easy Driver Score is an application that helps you evaluate and compare the drivers of your vehicles and assigns them a score based on their behavior.

Helps you identify who is harmful to the operation of your Fleet.


  • Aggressive driving count
  • Speeding
  • Harsh acceleration and braking
  • Total distance traveled
  • Total time of vehicle use
  • Total time in Idle
  • Total time spent overspeeding
  • Count of harsh driving events


Released: July 19, 2016

Latest Update: July 19, 2016

Current Version: 1.0

Category: Drivin Analytics

Requirements: Pegasus Gateway, Syrus device

Language: Spanish