Activity Report

Author: Digital Communications Technologies LLC.



Description: Digital Communications Technology LLC.

The Vehicle and Driver Activity Report helps give you a summary of all your fleet and the drivers!


  • Trips Information:
    • Total amount of trips
    • Total distance traveled
    • Total duration of the trips
    • Average speed of all trips
  • Exception Counts:
    • Number of Speeding Events
    • Number of Over RPMs Events
    • Number of Idling Events
    • Number of Harsh braking and Acceleration Events
  • Total Time:
    • Time spent speeding
    • Time spent idling
    • Time spent Over RPMs
  • Max speed & Max RPM recorded


Released: Jun 29, 2016

Latest Update: Jun 29, 2016

Current Version: 1.0

Category: Driving Analytics / Logistics

Requirements: Pegasus gateway, Syrus device

Language: English, Spanish