Latin American tracking service provider Geotech selects Syrus Smarts IoT Hub to build its security solution for container tracking.

With more than 10-years in the industry, GeoTech Colombia has chosen to partner with DCT and Syrus 3G IoT Smarts Hubs to build its innovative high-security bolt. Geobolt is the # 1 reusable state-of-the-art tracking device in the world, that prevents up to 50% of cargo theft and contamination, through which you receive notifications of opening, violation, and closing of your cargo in a timely manner.

The device uses a high-security bolt seal that is ISO 77772: 2013 compliant, making it a robust, secure, and cost-effective cargo security solution. GeoBolt is fully integrated with GeoSmart, a friendly and self-managing platform for the management and control of land and sea operations. Complies with CTPAT Standard It allows entry to international markets due to its regulations on security against terrorism and illegal trade.

The intelligent event engine configuration from Syrus 3G makes Geobolt the ideal security solution for containers that goes beyond traditional monitoring. Thanks to DCT CloudConnect managed global connectivity and the Syrus 3G penta-band module(Gemalto EHS6), the Geobolt is capable of operating worldwide.

Geobolt uses Syrus’ power-saving feature; this allows Geobolt to have a long-lasting battery life while keeping a compact size. Thanks to Syrus intelligent event reporting engine the Geobolt can change its reporting frequency depending on the configured conditions defined by time, distance, movement, geofences, battery level, network roaming status, and others. This translates into having accurate reporting while extending battery life.

About DCT

Digital Communications Technologies is the premier worldwide provider of wireless physical infrastructure devices for mobile asset management​ with actionable intelligence fully managed through APIs. First incorporated in 1998 after several years of research and development into the cellular wireless industry, DCT became a leading manufacturer of professional tracking / monitoring solutions based on fleet productivity and logistics information. The company’s efforts are focused on building applications to meet the most demanding requirements for commercial, industrial, and automotive market segments. DCT is innovating every day assisting users to manage and control their remote assets.

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About Geotech

Geotech Solutions SA, a Colombian company with more than 10 years in the market offering information technology services that transforms the logistics and transport Industry, through innovative software and hardware solutions for efficient and profitable management. Geotech provides solutions for Cargo Assurance, Logistics management, Business Intelligence, Vehicle monitoring, and industrial telemetry.

With GeoSmart our clients can manage their vehicles information from anywhere and make decisions faster and better informed. Geotech revolutionizes the way organizations take advantage of information.

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Expomin gathers the largest and most diverse range of technologies, equipment, machinery, services and supplies for the national and Latin American mining industry. Existing Iridium clients such as Techint will also be present at the biggest mining expo in the Southern Cone.

Expomin and authorities have announced the postponement of the mining fair expo due to the rapid global expansion of COVID-19, the declaration of the World Health Organization (WHO) that classified it as pandemic, and in line with the recommendations given out by both local and international health authorities. Click here to read more. 


*UPDATE: Expomin has confirmed new show dates for November 9-13, 2020. Click here for more information. 

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Celebrating its 35th year, Sensors Expo & Conference has established itself as North America’s largest event dedicated to sensors, connectivity, and IoT.

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Syrus S3GBT-2481 es puesto a pruebas ante diferentes agentes bloqueadores y demuestra la importancia de la inteligencia embebida para la automatización y seguridad de flotas.

DCT sigue comprometida con la industria y mostrando una vez más razones por las cuales Syrus es uno de los mejores equipos inteligentes de rastreo satelital que existen en el mercado.

El pasado Sábado 28 de Octubre, DCT participó apoyando el evento “ Laboratorio de Pruebas Técnicas con Jamming” patrocinado por la Federación Colombiana de Empresas de Localización, Monitoreo y Tecnologías Afines (FEDETEC) , en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia.

El Ingeniero Nestor Cabezas, Ingeniero Desarrollo de Firmware DCT, participó en la discusión de tan importante tema y de gran impacto en la seguridad del transporte logístico y flotas. Durante dicho evento, el hub inteligente Syrus 3GBT- 2481 fue sometido a diferentes casos de ataques con jammers, demostrando extraordinaria capacidad para superar y contrarrestar los efectos nocivos de estos ataques. Gracias a la inteligencia embebida de Syrus y los avanzados mecanismos de seguridad y autenticación de su módulo Gemalto EHS6, Syrus demuestra ser uno de los dispositivos más seguros contra ataques y vandalismo a través de Jammers.

DCT, con 19 años de experiencia en la manufactura y desarrollo de soluciones avanzadas para la automatización y productividad de flotas, en colaboración de Gemalto , líder mundial en seguridad digital, validan la importancia de funciones pro-activas que garantizan la continuidad e integridad de comunicación de dispositivos inteligentes. “Syrus puede detectar interferencias deliberadas de la red GPRS/GSM que podrían presentar posibles riesgos de seguridad. Cuando se detecta un estado de bloqueo de comunicaciones, Syrus define mecanismos internos que generan alertas específicas y ejecutan acciones de contingencia,” expresó Nestor Cabezas.

Para conocer más sobre el alcance de protección con Syrus, puede contactar a y solicitar información sobre el reporte de pruebas realizadas durante el evento.

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