Graph the daily fuel level using data from the ECU sensor.

✔ Compare fuel levels per hour


✔ Analyze fuel tendencies


✔ View data in chart & detail format

Graph the daily fuel level using data from up to 3 Technoton sensors.

✔ Graph daily fuel levels


✔ Analyze fuel tendencies


✔ View data in chart, summary, & detail format

Analyze driver behavior with events from the Mobileye accessory.

✔ Advanced driver assistance solution


✔ Analyze driving tendencies


✔ View data in chart & detail format

View information transmitted via satellite communication.

✔ Manage events between cellular & satellite          networks


✔ See events generated by the Satcom                     accessory


✔ Compare intelligent & functional data

View details on your tire’s pressure over time.

✔ Set minimum and maximum threshold values


✔ Compare altitude & ambient air temperature      with tire data


✔ Analyze exact pressure & temperature per          each tire ID


      Get a quick detailed view of the last 24 hours of reporting for any vehicle.

     Detailed reports of events within zones & specific filters.

      Travel and stop information from one or several base geofences to any destination geofences.

     View a vehicle’s duration inside one or more geofences.

Get a summary of your fleet’s daily activity per entity.

✔ View total driving and idling times

 Filter specific date ranges

 Analyze daily distances

Analyze route histories & compare their completion over time.

✔ See any missed checkpoints

✔ Review route statuses

 View data in chart & detail format

View details of the activity of vehicle’s and drivers.

✔ View durations, max values, and indicents

✔ Analyze trip tendencies

 View driver details

View a detailed report of the trips from any vehicle.

✔ Filter trips by any given distance

✔ Compare data between trips and stops

 Analyze trips and stops duration times


View a vehicle’s distance traveled based on the Odometer value and calculate the fuel consumed based on an estimated fuel efficiency rating. 

View engine details such as duration of time the ignition was on, idle time, and idling percentage.

Compare the total times spent idling for each vehicle in your fleet.

View the amount of events over a speed range from custom thresholds per vehicle.

Daily analysis for your fleet’s metrics (distance, speed, fuel, etc.)

✔ View engine parameters such as fuel or high RPMs

✔ Analyze daily entities

 View summarized or detailed information

View a historical report of your vehicle’s engine J1708 & J1939 fault codes.

✔ Compare SPN & FMI codes


✔ View protocol codes


✔ Analyze the number of occurrences


Analysis of vehicle’s that have gone offline for a defined amount of time.

✔ See the last network operator info

✔ Last known event reported and location

 View battery levels


View a list of all alerts and analyze dispatcher comments in the logbook.

✔ View comments made on any alert

✔ Filter by alert severity

 View detailed alert info

Collect all the necessary information to take action on the vehicle’s in their scheduled maintenance.

✔ Schedule the report via email to get a daily, weekly, or monthly reminder

✔ Never miss the next fleet maintenance based on distance, time & date

 View details by vehicles or maintenance type

View vehicles inside and outside select geofences.

✔ Schedule to get a daily view of vehicles in a job site

✔ Get an instant location of your fleet at any given time

 View last reported date and time

Analyze events based on data from the Taurus Tracker Mobile App.

✔ Analyze the time spent ‘ON DUTY’ at any specific location

✔ Control client check-in visits

 View data in summary, detials, or chart format