Protect Life and Property with the

Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688



Many times an extra set of eyes on the road can be a crucial element in order to complete a long route, successfully and safely. With the introduction of the Driver Fatigue Monitor to the fleet market, this much needed “extra set of eyes” can now ride along to help driver’s driver alert and stay unhurt. Just like any trusty co-pilot, the Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 notifies the vehicle operator when it senses that they are distracted and/or fatigued; as well as notifying the system admin when it senses a driver absence in the vehicle.

It uses an automotive-grade image sensor to capture images of the vehicle operators and a Pentium II high-speed digital signal processor to analyze inattentiveness, drowsiness or distraction. When it senses any type of distraction or fatigue, an audio warning alarm goes off to remind the driver to stay attentive to the road.

Prevent distracted driving & promote safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines distracted driving as any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on a cellular device, eating/drinking, talking to passengers, operating audio systems in the vehicle — basically anything that takes the drivers attention away from the task of safe driving. With the Driver Monitor, accidents can be avoided by configuring early warning triggers that remind the driver to focus on the road. These triggers can be programmed to go off when a driver looks around, talks to passengers, bows their head, or spends a significant amount of time operating audio/navigation systems, thus promoting safe distraction-free driving.

Combat driver fatigue & decrease the chances of an accident.



A driver is three times more likely to be involved in a vehicle accident if they are fatigued (as reported by the National Safety Council). Even if drivers do not fully fall asleep while driving, fatigue, and drowsiness can affect safe driving as it reduces their attention to the road, slows reaction time if they have to suddenly break or steer, and affect their ability to make good decisions.

The Driver Fatigue Alert MR688 uses unique pupil identification technology to not only detect but also analyze the changing characteristics of pupils. When it determines that a driver is in fatigue status, a warning alarm is triggered. This functionality even works when drivers are wearing normal glasses or non-reflection light sunglasses.

Seamlessly integrates with Pegasus Gateway.

The Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 seamlessly integrates with Pegasus Gateway to allow full remote management control. Fleet admins can easily view access reports with data monitors on their entire fleet, a group of vehicles, or an individual device. Special triggers can be set to inform fleet managers in the case of driver absence, which are reported along with an image directly from the monitor inside the vehicle.