Welcome to Miami, DCT Partner Conference: Infinite Possibilities, lets app... Thank you for joining us for our Third Partner Conference – Infinite Possibilities, lets app in Miami. We welcome all of our business partners, developers and service providers to learn more about our Data for Fleet Productivity Ecosystem and device “servitization” corporate vision. These are great & exciting times for DCT since it was first incorporated as a hardware manufacturer. Today, 17 years later, we have not stopped our constant industry leadership, releasing innovative new products and solutions that help our business partners to achieve success in this competitive market. From a humble beginning of manufacturing GPS tracking devices to a complete Data for Fleet Productivity Ecosystem where the mix of connected devices, accessories, global connectivity, software gateways & APIs combine together to facilitate and speed up the creation of original business models with endless possibilities for all our partners. Hardware integration with third party platforms has never been faster, easier and more secure, leading a coordinated innovation of products, services and business models. We encourage all of our partners to design and launch applications in SyrusMart with value added services using DCT Fleet Productivity / IoT Ecosystem and develop further opportunities that will generate end user engagement and constant revenue streams. Looking forward to your participation in this event. Make sure you meet every member of the DCT team; all of this would not be possible without their strong commitment to the company and many years collaborating together as a winning team.  
Ignacio Escallon EVP Business Development Digital Communications Technologies LLC. Servitization: “the innovation of organization’s capabilities and processes to better create mutual value through a shift from selling product to selling Product-Service Systems". Cranfield University