Many times an extra set of eyes on the road can be a crucial element in order to complete a long route, successfully and safely. With the introduction of the Driver Fatigue Monitor to the fleet market, this much needed “extra set of eyes” can now ride along to help driver’s driver alert and stay unhurt. Just like any trusty co-pilot, the Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 notifies the vehicle operator when it senses that they are distracted and/or fatigued; as well as notifying the system admin when it senses a driver absence in the vehicle.

TSPs (Tracking Service Providers) need to evolve and become ready to interact with other industries. Technology is moving to a level of “connected things.” This is pushing TSPs to move fast into exploring ways to share communication and interaction of their systems with other systems. The capacity for a TSP to adapt its business model according to the market’s demand will depend on the flexibility of the hardware, software and management tools it has available.